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True Story© Cloning Myself

     It has become apparent that hard work and education are not what are going to get me rich. Not for lack of effort, but moreso a lack of opportunity aligned with my specific set of skills.  I am good with a plan, I am good with managing my outcomes.  My issue is usually my selection of a plan that will prove lucrative in the end. I recently had a BRIGHT idea…      I have recently learned that women are perverts like men are.  They are also not cheap when their perversions are piqued.  I learned this in conversations with friends about the funds that have been spent on male strippers, “toys” and various other sensual aides.  I guess they aren't like men after all, we're fucking stupid to be honest when it comes to how we spend our money related to being perverts. I was sure, though, that I my chance to tap into a LUCRATIVE market!      As a well-documented titty connoisseur and unashamed pervert, I am getting my piece of the smut peddler’s pie dammit. “Bu