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True Story©… Back to Vegas

  I have learned a lot about myself in the post Wuhan Bat Flu - America… As the two of you have read in these here pages, I can nearly FREESTYLE a money-making scheme in the course of a workout or sometimes even a simple lunch period.  As y’all may well recall, I took that show on the road, literally, back in 2020 when we went to Vegas and I used a few minutes away from Wife Person™ and attempted to get famous. As I hope you read in that link there above, that particular attempt didn’t go over TOO greatly even though I cannot exactly call it a “failure.” On a second attempt , I was OFFERED the opportunity to run it back…  Needless to say, Wife Person™ was absolutely over my continued shenanigous dipshittery and poured water on the even attempt.  I would later learn that it was not her refuse to see me get my fatman shine on, so much as it was the fact that she had designs on us selling my old little house so we could move into our big house.  I am not mad, I got Yetimer out of