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Tim Tebow the Timeshare Salesman

I don’t even feel bad when I criticize Tim Tebow anymore… My criticism is still middle-ground, as he doesn’t strike me as anything less than genuine in what he believes, if only a bit misguided in how to apply it. No more is this oddly against-itself assessment shown than in this link . I will discuss both sides. If anything, my opinion of the kid is back-and-forth at best. On one hand, he does the thing where he finds and plays ambassador to people at EVERY game, and that is a great thing, some real shit to people he has no obligation to do ANYTHING for and I respect that. On the other hand, he has legions of fans who hold him and his ON field accomplishments as a professional player in a MUCH higher regards than necessary or earned simply because of his dealings OFF the field. I guess I happen to belong to a set of opinions that would like for religion and sports – just like politics – to exist in VERY separate lanes. One other thing in that link that irks me is this pa

The Asian "Crush" in American Sports

Urban Dictionary defines "Yellow Fever" as... Yeah, someone will surely view this as clearly one of the most racist blogs I have ever written, but… The major American sports all seem to have developed a form of Yellow fever in which EVERY player to come through their organization of Asian descent, they’re lifted and treated like the crown savior of that sport. Don’t believe me? Hideo Nomo came in with the baffling stretch-and-twist delivery that was soon caught onto by batters in MLB and despite the "ZOMG, HE'S ASIAN!!!" hype machine that carried him, he was traded once and released 4 or 5 times within his first 5 years. 12 MLB seasons, TWO post-season appearances, both losses, $35ish million earned on the strength of being Asian, it seems. Tiger Woods you know what? I can't be all the way mad at this one, he was by far the most successful on this list, speaking purely in terms of accomplishing what was ahead of him to do as his job. I can fully understand