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In the kitchen with Phlip -- oven-crispy catfish nuggets

            The sweet thing about this post will be how little it actually wound up costing.  I honestly had no plans when I went to the store to make it, but when I walked past the fish, it was priced so perfectly that I could not have left it there.  I went into the store with intentions on getting something simple and inexpensive to cook and it was ABOUT to involve some chicken and probably potatoes, but then this happened. Cast of characters… 3 small packages of farm-raised catfish (wild catfish are fucking disgusting bottom feeders) nuggets  ($1.33, $1.35 and $1.45, respectively): ½ cup of lemon or lime juice ($1.79 for the bottle): Call your mom on the way home from the store and raid her cupboard for a few handfuls of Jingos and cheez-it crackers ($0.00): ½ cup vinaigrette of your choosing ($0.00, already in the house): Seasonings of your choosing ($0.00, already in the house): (not pictured) 3-5 dashes of Worcestershire sauce an

In the kitchen with Phlip -- Shrimp Cakes!

            This is a concept that I have ATTEMPTED three times before finding success with it.  I would say “with varying degrees of success,” but I would hardly refer to anything that even I left the situation saying “it was good, but not like earth-shattering or anything…” myself as a success. It turns out quite simply that I was overthinking it.             Inspired by the mountain of leftovers back at Christmas – and a meatball recipe I'd devised ONLY for the holidays but have been demanded to revisit – I realized that this would be DEAD-ass simple. You will need… 2 bags of peeled, deveined, tail-off RAW shrimp: (did y’all notice that bags of shrimp are now coming in 12oz instead of a pound these days?) You WILL need to use raw, because already-cooked shrimp will be too tough when you finish. 1 box of Stovetop Stuffing: ( I preferred the Savory Herbs one, but you can use whichever you choose) 1 medium-sized yellow onion: Seasoni

How America Could Have BENEFITED from "Fiscal Cliff" Negotiations

(fiscal Cliff, get it?)             With all this “fiscal cliff” talk, I was thinking that even though there WAS some kind of agreement reached, that what we the American people will be given will be of no real benefit to us.  With that said, our elected government that is supposed to be “by the people, for the people” will continue to be shown as anything but. I think I could propose a better solution, one that keeps the American people involved and interested in the process, as well as subsidizing the process in and of itself at the same time.  The Huffington Post reports that the exchanges between Harry Reid and John Boehner became quite heated, with each accusing one another of being more about their party than the common good of the American people.  It is said that at least twice that Boehner told Reid “go fuck yourself.” [ link ]             To be totally honest, I would have gladly paid this $5 bill I have in my pocket right now to witness this taking place.  S