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True Story©… Green Thumbin’

       This summer, I pulled in side money with my lawn mower and arming myself with a collection of sob stories to sell up the source of my abilities. All told, the hustle made me a plenty of extra cash for sneakers and narcotics using my spare time while also serving as a several-hours-a-week supplement to my weekly exercise regimen.      It stands to reason that pictures posted to my socials of my own yard (below) and of a couple of the ones I am duly and fairly paid for (not pictured) serve as my “résumé” to any interested party, but the funny thing about human beings is that they want to know shit that might be none of their damned business.      When I moved into my house in 2021, I was left with nasty work in the way of needing to fix this yard.  Over the course of this, I noted what a godawful job my next door neighbor’s yard man was doing of keeping hers up, despite the fact that he lives FIVE houses down.  In conversation with her, she decided that perhaps she would rath

True Story©… Domino (Effect), Mofo!

       Lying is…   Difficult. Think about it, you have to fashion the falsehood or prevarication against the conversation that necessitated it and then you have to SUPPORT the shit by remembering what you said and not tripping up on it.   Most people’s memories – short or long term – just aren’t built to be remembering that kind of thing.   It is much easier to just tell the truth and deal with what may come of it when it is time to do so.      Unless you’re telling a stinker that you will never have to answer for… Then lying is not only easy, but actually kind of fun. And that is the kind of lie we are gonna deal with today!      Once upon a time, after my days with my ex wife a woman I had a wedding with once, I found myself to have quite a bit of time on my hands and no desire to “people” enough to seek anyone to do things with.   One thing I used to enjoy doing was to just hop in a car and ride around a while, taking in the scenery of the city and listening to amazing mus