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Greensboro, NC...

Riding with the Katie today, in the neighborhood I grew up in, we saw this... Yes, the largest visible sign is "FOR RENT," while the tape blocking the property off is marked off with that red tape as "Lead Hazard." Great, I lived in this neighborhood from age 12 to 23... I am gonna fucking die of cancer week after next now. Been nice knowing you all.

Dear Mr. Spambot(s)

Seriously, you are breaking my heart and assaulting my ego. Please, stop it.

Classic Automotive Pr0ns - Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe

Carroll Shelby, a man held as a legend in his circle, designed a race car based on the AC Cobra so they could go at Ferrari in the GT coupe racing class. Only 6 were built between 1964 and 65, then a fuck ton of replicas and kit cars in the 45 years since. I am not mad at that, though. Carroll Shelby would be reassigned to another legendary race car, the Ford GT40 at that time. The fact that there were only "officially" 6 of these cars likely has everything in the world to do with the fact that the most original-looking ones you will see are blue, and that the other colors appear more to be newer kit cars, or replicas if you will. Back when I was young and dumb, and had money, I'd dreamed of getting a kit car and stuffing a current (mid-late 90s through about 2001ish) engine into it and wheeling it. Alas, the real world got in the way and I sharpened my skills with the keyboard instead, hopefully I can work my way back to making the dream happen someday. The images will l