Concept Automotive Pr0ns -- Corvette Stingray "Sidewinder"

Fun fact; 3 weeks ago, The Katie and I went to see The Transformers movie, and while I was generally nonplussed by the movie in general. I generally wanted Michael Bay drawn and quartered for taking something I love from my childhood that had a VERY workable story, and eschewing that story for an orgy of Slow-Motion explody carnage instead, like he had with Pearl Harbor and Armageddon before it.

Anyway, the positive that came of this was Sidewinder, GM's exaction of their new Corvette Stingray concept. It was a nod to the Stingray of the past, while paying proper respect to the current Corvette and ZR1. Long story short, it was fucking SEXY!!!
This past Saturday, I confided to The Katie that I'd come damn close to cheating on her IN that movie theater with her sitting right next to me -- WITH that car. She responded "hell, I was close to the same," to which I expressed my disappointment of missing out on a threesome.

Fuck my luck.

This blog is about a car, not me and my lady's silly-ass jokes, so let us make with the images, shall we?

Link to the gallery created for the post is right here.


liza said…
while conversing with maryjane my friends and i scrolled through your pictures of that car and almost had an orgy over here....those pictures had every last adult in here feeling some type of way about that car is fucking great....wish you could have found some pictures of the inside....

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