Phlip don't need no stinking subject!

*****Posting live from...*****
... the middle room at Granny's house...
Slept in my own house last night, tonight I will be doing the same, in a BED even!!!
This whole situation is all at once exciting, scary and new. It will be all for the best, though, and I am closer still to everything I will need -- 4 blocks from grocery, liquor and fast food -- and my trek to things like the gym and the highway to get to work are that much easier as well.
All should be fine once we're fully in the house and fully furnished, THAT is when the housewarming is.
Anyone looking to contribute financially or materially can contact me directly. PLEASE!!!

Barack wanted to be a hater and go on and win the presidency, I was a bit out of luck in the support of my candidate, Samuel Leroy Jackson of the Bad MotherFucker party.
We have, earlier on in the season, unfortunately lost the King of Pop and I was presented with a hilarious graphic last week, and it immediately placed me in the mind of Samuel L's next assignment.

*****I am...*****
  1. Human
  2. Addicted to music
  3. Addicted to cars
  4. Addicted to gadgets
  5. A writer
  6. A jerk
  7. Remorselessly flat with people
  8. Not your fucking punching bag
  9. Not an option; are you in or out?

*****I've heard it all now*****
Just got done with a client...
Now, we've all heard of people "goin' down da skreet to da sto' to get some skrimps and skrawberries," or maybe we haven't, but we've seen In Living Color, word to Jaimie Foxx.
This chick was calling from "Lake City, Stranton," as she said it... Her location? SCRANTON, South Carolina.
Jesus, please take the wheel!!!

*****Sometimes I wonder...*****
If there is any money in just randomly walking around downtown Greensboro and slapping the hell out of people?
I mean, cause I'm just sayin' I AM looking for some supplemental income and I would absolutely love for it to be doing something I could enjoy. The three of you, and myself, all know how relieving it is to slap the fire out of someone who may or may not deserve it -- even more still if they didn't.

*****Photo orgy surprise*****
One day (after the move is completed, of course... Y'all get at me about donations to the fund,, when I am off work, I will spend a weekend, and ride around with The Katie and the camera, and simply take pictures of every random-ass thing I happen to come across.
Then, without even reviewing the images in the camera, I will come in and upload them and put them in a blog. I will do this as a blind faith kind of idea.
I will not remove ANY pictures I take from the stream unless they feature nekkidness, and I MIGHT do something in the neighborhood of randomly captioning them.
... something about this whole home ownership thing means I will have to find less expensive ways to entertain myself, so the hookers and cocaine will be drawn to a merciful end.

*****Most uncomfortable feeling EVER*****
You're at a stoplight, and you're the ONLY car at the stoplight... And it's a homeless dude on the corner with a sign. He's looking at you, you TRYING not to look back and be seen looking... Did I mention that there are no more cars at this stoplight?
Here's what you do... PULL OUT YOUR PHONE!!! Send a text, crack open the email app, make a fucking phone call, do SOMETHING other than make eye contact.

*****what the hell, man?!!?*****

22 days, this makes post number 30.
I don't normally work at this rate, but there is some shit going on at the place that sees the normal expenditure of my time, so I've found myself actually sitting here thinking about shit to put in the blog.

It started with an idea I had in the shower on Monday the 3rd, then hashed out in my head for the whole of the next day, then went in on a series where I summarized the 1990s in hip hop music. I had long prior written 1998's post, but the other years made for 11 posts, with a pause for explanation and a summary of it all.

Next, I decided that I would make my "Automotive Pr0ns" a regular occurrence around these parts, which has netted us 11 more posts of some gorgeous automobiles. Look for more of those as ideas hit me, I am good for having a blog sit in my drafts for a week before posting it.

Sometimes I need to do shit for myself, and with my pending (and in motion) move, I needed to do some research on how to save some ca$hola in the recession that Barry is continuing to spend us further into, and my findings were universally applicable to the 3 of you, so I shared. Thank me later, and by "later," I mean "as soon as possible," preferably via paypal to seeing as how The Katie and I will be needing living room furniture and blinds for a couple of windows ASAP.

One of my "random as hell" blogs hit me, so I did it.

I started the coalition against the word "swagger," stoking the feelings of homophobia and general distaste for all things stereotypical as my ammunition.

I took a minute to reflect on how dumb people look when they choose to speak and type a language that they apparently know approximately DICK about. Fun was had by all, especially Wayne, who apparently finds fun in letting people think he is retarded, word to Forrest Gump.

Then I did something I don't normally do in my blogs, at least not directly, I endorsed a product. I explained why "Slaughterhouse" is the first newly released hip hop album I have purchased all damned year.

Then I was back on my model cars thing. The big ones are all in storage right now, and all I have OUT of storage are the discussed series of Hotwheels 1/64 cars and one Motorcycle that The Katie bought for me a couple weeks ago. More will be taking place with this set as I fill the remaining 7 pieces of it, a blog in and of itself will be born from it.

One of my Automotive Pr0ns posts birthed my NEW shit, "Aeromotive Pr0ns," which will be a regular and at-random addition. 1 in the books now, one scheduled and 4 drafts.
Yeah, I will enjoy this shit.

And there it is, that is how I can somehow manage to make more posts in two-thirds of one month than I did in the two full months before it. Shit, I guess I am just inspired?
No, fuck that, I am bored and find myself looking at more and more shit just because. The more one looks on, the more they are inspired to have an opinion.

Rest of the month remaining, who knows what I might pull off next. All I PROMISE, though, is at least 2 more from the "Automotive Pr0ns" sets. Know that I am bracing for a short period of time where I will be without interwebs access at my place of residence, but I still have it here at work, so all should be fine, I hope.

I know this was a weak post as my "randoms" go, but I am so distracted, anxious and tired right now I can't be creative. Anyone reading this who knows me best knows that this shit is KILLER to me, I am praying this evens out sooner than later.


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