In the NC summer night...

The Katie and I were watching American Gangster (the Documentary series, not the movie) last night when out of nowhere comes a *BANG* so solid that it sounds like someone was trying to get into the house.
"Great, my luck... Someone is trying to come in on my shit after four fucking days."

I check the doors, all are fine, no windows suggest a B&E attempt, I look out the front window and there is a Camry upside down in the trees across the street, 15 feet from my car. The neighbors are outside already and have called 911, the fire station is less than a block away as well.

There was no crimson streak on the pavement, and the man inside, apparently an older cat since they pulled a walker out as well when they got him out of it, was placed into an ambulance and taken off to (presumably) Moses Cone and the car was winched out and towed away, no blown tires or anything.

This morning, there were no tire marks on the pavement, not ACROSS or even within the yellow line, he went straight into those trees.

Day 4 in this house, who knows what might happen next.


Tony Grands said…
Perhaps a poltergeist is trying to tell you something...

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