I'm an ADDICT!!!

Yes, believe it or not, I am quite subject to the ills of addict behaviors.

No, I am not out on the streets sucking dick for coke (no brokeback), no I am not skipping work to stay home and drink cognac with my breakfast.
No, I am not neglecting my girlfriend to pop in a DVD and bang out some knuckle children to the sounds of Kitten's moaning, or doing the same to any of the thousands of women on internets...
Well, not anymore, but my life behind closed doors is no more of your business than I fucking give you, stop judging me!
Anyway, what is this all about? Well, I am hoping you actually came in directly and not through the tags I apply, otherwise you would already know.
Every year, Hotwheels releases that year's "New Models" collection, and it normally includes dozens of cars, each numbered into the collection. Sometime late in the school year last year, I noticed that bribing my little buddy with a car was a means of getting good behavior and grades out of him. Grab a few at a time, let them sit in the desk drawer and check with Regina to make sure he was doing as he should have, then give them to him as his reward. As I was doing this, I happened upon some of my old ones, looked at the numbering of the current-year models and thought to myself "well shit, I should try and get all 42 of this year's!" and then it was on. I made a note in my phone, as a checklist to mark off or remove each one I had acquired, leaving only the ones I needed. Right now, I am 10 short and 8 of those 10 are not yet released.

#01 - 2009 Nissan GT-R

#02 - Circle Tracker

#03 - Corvette C6
*Coming soon*

#04 - Brit Speed

#05 - Ferrari 250 GTO

#06 - "5 Alarm"

#07 - 1970 Buick GSX

#08 - 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

#09 - OCC Splitback

#10 - Bye Focal II

#11 - 2009 Ford F150

#12 - Mid Mill

#13 - 1971 Dodge Demon

#14 - Fast Gassin'

#15 Custom 1953 Cadillac

#16 - AMC Javelin AMX

#17 - Volkswagen Type 181 "The Thing"

#18 - Avante Garde

#19 - 1970 Chevelle SS Wagon

#20 - Dune it Up

#21 - Lamborghini Reventon

#22 - Tri & Stop Me

#23 - Custom V-8 Vega

#24 - La Fasta

#25 - Custom 1941 Willys Coupe

#26 - 2010 Camaro SS

#27 - Custom 1942 Jeep CJ-2A

#28 - Barbaric
*coming soon*

#29 - 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda

#30 - F1 Racer
*coming soon*

#31 - 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

#32 - Tread Air

#33 - Triumph TR6

#34 - Fast FeLion

#35 - Four-1

#36 - Gearonimo

#37 - Datsun Bluebird 510

#38 - Ferrari California

#39 - Ford GT
*coming soon*

#40 - Draggin Tail
*coming soon*

#41 - 2010 Ford Mustang GT

#42 Pedal De Metal
*coming soon*

As of last week, I thought I was 8 short, but I realized that I have duplicates of a couple of them right now, so I am 10 short and remaking the note in the phone...
Went out on lunch today and copped 3 more, the obviousness of the difference in where the picture was taken and what device with should show you which. Got another over the weekend, here...
Now I am only down 6 of 42.
I will drop by Wal Mart, Target and KMart, and maybe Toys R Us to see what I can scare up this weekend. Looking through a Wikia I have been using for information to stay updated, only one of the 10 I don't have is actually in stores to this point.
My plan is to mount them on a large board and make a display for them all, to be shown somewhere in my house. Luckily for me, these things are only a buck each and just so happen to be a cool hobby to have. It's those big ones that are tucked away in storage right now that will eventually dammit break me.
I have made a gallery for the 32 cars I do have above, it is here, and I will be making another when I have completed the collection and mounted them all.


Tony Grands said…
Always a fan of the reward system. Although, I steer clear of shit I like for this exact reason.

For every 4 star test my son brought home from kindergarten, I would get him a hooker & a fifth of Jack Daniels. Good thing that rehab worked out for me.
Phlip said…
Yeah, and this is just my damned nephew... Lord knows what might happen when I have children of my own.
Well, who knows what might happen after I call in all the shit I have done between 1996 and now for my siblings' kids.
Anonymous said…
Damn you for getting the bluebird -Josh

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