"Wayback" explained

Apparently, through a few comments and direct comments, my "Wayback" series of blogs have been a decent hit with both of my readers...

I make no specific claims to remember all that I am naming off the top of my head, but I DO remember why they matter to me and speak to such in my commentary. We can thank Google, Amazon and Wikipedia for reminding me of the albums, and further we can thank my parents for their situation, which drove me to my love of music, specifically hip hop.
At the end of it all, the hip hop I listened to and grew to like spoke to situations I was in, had been in, would come to be in (now that I look back) or had seen others through. It was something that was for me. We never had much coming up, but through cutting yards for extra cash starting at like age 11 or 12, and working on W9 (read: legal) jobs promptly from age 16, I have built a collection WELL in excess of 800 CD's, most of them hip hop... What is contained in my computer is even bigger, what with unreleased material, exclusives and things that just can't be bought anymore. I have enough to claim connoisseur (yes, I spelled that right first try) status.

In the late 90's and early 00's, I spent MAJOR time digging through used CD places and used book stores that had CD's too. Those in Greensboro would recognize what I say when I explain that I am familiar with ALL THREE places that Edward McKay has been down through the years and their pricing structures.

Anyway, back to the discussion of what I am doing here...
First, let's start with the name.
I was born in 1979 and recently turned 30... That means that I watched a WHOLE FUCKING LOT of cartoons in the 80's, the best of which were syndicated repeats of things created between, let's say, 1959 and 1979... Some of the two of you reading this may see exactly where I am going with this, and will remember Mister Peabody, a dog, and "his boy" Sherman. They were a short on The Rocky and Bullwinkle show, in a segment titled "Peabody's Improbable History," in which Peabody and Sherman would take up in Peabody's "WABAC" machine (get it? Way Back) and would embark on journeys into and throughout history. Once there, a history lesson would commence, and they would make it entertaining to a child's mind (or at least a child of my generation or before -- these new kids are too fucking lazy to be entertained by shit that makes them think) by having the history lesson interrupted by some malfunction or deviation from what we were to understand took place in history, which they would help to fix to happen the way it actually did in our history books...
What can I say? I am a nerd who always has been a bit of one, I enjoyed this shit, I still could now if the showing of it could get the teeth it would need to be syndicated again. Unfortunate, the lack of attention span that growing up on the internets has caused these kids.

Anyway, the title of the series borrows from that machine in nomenclature alone. The function will not cause history to be skewed in any way, other than the application of my opinion where I choose to interject it.

I have dropped a post per day so far this week on this series, but I will NOT be spending the remaining of the 31 days on this, I just don't have it in me. I will not even make a promise of how many I WILL do. I have already stated that I will continue to randomly drop a year in on you when the inclination to research, compile, opine, type and post hits me. I have a couple in the works RIGHT now, one I think is pretty much ready to post. This could mean I may drop a couple or more a day -- dependent upon how busy work is or how hectic home life is (major changes on the fast approaching horizon -- stay tuned). I will continue to interject my dry-assed sense of humor into the posts, that is what I do as a generally silly mothefucker quite frankly.

I am but a dude with a computer, an opinion and a love of music. Melding the three together to present to the both of you is another thing I greatly enjoy. If you enjoy it, feel free to comment and/or share with others. Hell, if you DON'T like it, feel free to comment and share with others, I am a big boy and can take criticism of my work.

I'll see y'all on the other side... Next post will be later on in the day.


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