Aeromotive Pr0ns - Douglas DC-6

It's 1946 and the Douglas Aircraft Company introduces a piston-powered airliner and transport plane that they initially thought or hoped would be used for military transport at the behest of the US Air Force. Unfortunately for them, WWII ended sooner than expected, the Air Force reneged and they had to change their plans a bit, working it over for longer-range transport.

Phlip note - I would LOVE to be able to issue directives that say something like "I want something that dos this, this, this and this... All of you present me with them, and I will reimburse you for your time spent doing it, then I will buy them from you when you produce them.
... no, wait... Don't need it anymore. Tough break, maybe next time, homie!"

I find it kind of refreshing to look back over these posts and see that they actually DID use piston-powered engines in some of these, instead of the "everything is a damned jet" we have nowadays. Something about 4 enormous radial engines thundering the airstrip reminds you how fucking puny you really are, and somehow that is a good thing if your ego can take it.

Anyway, Douglas only made about 700 of them between 1946 and 1959, 100 or so are still serviceable and 49 are actually still in the air, for wildfire control, military support and cargo -- not to mention the airshow here and there. A variant of one, the "VC-118," served as presidential transport and my guess is that Truman was president when this happened, based upon time frame, but I am far too lazy to Google that shit right now. You could if you're interested, perhaps I will revisit it later.

Things being as they are, with "only" 700 produced and so few still in operable condition and fewer still actually being put to use in that, there are not as many images in this gallery as previous auto/aero motive Pr0ns posts...
I lied, somehow I still managed to milk 29 images out of this shit.

As mentioned, though, I DID decide to search out the VC-118...
I was right about it being Truman.
The VC-118 was commissioned by the the folks who do such things to replace an old outgoing model, and it was done as a modification to the above-picturized DC-6, now prepared to seat 24 (or 25, depending on who you ask) and sleep 12, as well as having a State Room on board.

Things being as they are, I cannot expect everyone to be as excited as I am about a bunch of old-ass planes and cars and shit. One must understand, though, that the appreciation of the forms of these things is what I am into. As a bit of a history nerd and EVERY bit of a transportation-methods nerd, this shit can (and has, to this point) made several days of internets time expended for me, with no real end in sight, considering just how much I will have to choose from before it is all over.


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