British Automotive pr0ns -- Noble M12 GTO

This week finds Phlip taking a break from one obsession in favor of another... That's right, lady and gentleman, I am very much into the automobiles, as evidenced in these pages with my model collections and random sets of cars I do not own as well as the one I do. Got some things in the plans for the next couple weeks/months/years, you all will be made aware of what I got going on.
Nevermind that for now, though... Check out the automobile:

For a direct link to the gallery as uploaded to imageshack by yours truly based on images raked from a Google image search, go here


Alex said…
Yeah the Noble is a nice car, although I think I like the Gumpert a little more. It is very aggressive looking car IMO.

I see a black Noble once in a while when I go driving through the Malibu Cayons and PCH. It usually stops at Neptune's Net. Really nice car.

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