Well I'll be damned...

Sometimes I see headlines in the newspaper and I KNOW that I will be made to be ashamed of being brown...
Yesterday's headline in the newspaper on the desk as I walked past on my way to make water was "Alleged Dispute Over Haircut Leads to Shooting," which IMMEDIATELY struck me with the feeling of shame. After I came back from el baño, I sat down to a quick Google Search using the name I saw in the paper in order to fashion a post for the both of you to read... I knew I was about to be treated to some elaborately negrous story immediately upon the headline, and I knew further cartoonishness would be achieved when I saw the damned name, which reeks of 16 year-old parenthood.
The story has it that the shot individual was arguing with his wife over a haircut their child received while in the care of her parents, when the girl called for her father, who shot him.

... allow me to pause to laugh at this shit...

Okay, where were we?

Oh yeah... It seems to me, based upon what I am led to believe in the media, that somehow only in the black community does it seem that it would EVER happen that a child would be left with its grandparents, and they would apparently disapprove of their haircut enough to go and get it cut without consulting the childs parents. Furthermore, we're allowed to believe that only in the brown folk community does this escalate to such violence -- OVER A FUCKING CHILD'S HAIRCUT -- that someone would be shot over it.
Again, never minding the name "Derronntay" in this situation, does ANYONE blame me for immediately thinking "damned colored folks" immediately upon seeing the headline "Alleged Dispute Over Haircut Leads to Shooting"? Apparently this unfortunate fact was not missed on the hate groups throughout the internets, who were all over it yesterday -- though none of those come up on today's Google results.

I know that I, for one, am tired as shit of these fucking statistics in the news making way for me to be pigeonholed and generalized with their rampant coonery... I am pretty damned sure that the winds of change just will not apply to these fucks, so I will need to begin tendering my escape and thinking of another race to claim... Yeah, that's it! I will claim some confusing mix of races and shit so as to keep from having to tell people "yes, I am black," which seems to be the beginning of the end as it relates to things such as this.


Tony Grands said…
Word. "They make it hard to be Black & Proud these days. Then, if something derogatory is said about Black folks, all of the sudden I'm a "Tom" or a sell-out, & me being beige with curly hair doesn't help matters much.

Its comically pathetic, for ex: if you can read a name, assume its a Black person's name & be absolutely correct, somethings wrong.

My son, my wife & I had to go out to Burbank (in Cali) last week, & it was the first time I had the "Don't embarass 'us'" talk with my son. Us, of course, being our *ahem* people.

I usually dig where you come from, man. I guess once you hit 30, the clouds just disappear. Thanks for checking me out. I didn't know you had a blogspot until now. Fa sho, I'll definitely be checking you out.

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