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True Story©… Watching The Neighborhood

  Most of the time, I mind my own damned business.  Sure, my eyes are open and my head is on a swivel as I walk around my neighborhood three times a day but that is more for loose dogs and (now) kidnappers. I have learned here recently as this past Monday that my neighbors are watching or noticing me as I walk about.  There is the family on the corner that adopted a little dog named Duke.  His hair is similar to Shaggy Thunder, so they asked who my groomer was.  There are the kids that catch the bus oddly late and the lady with two dogs who is always interested in how my miles I clock a day. Those people are normal, as in I see them daily, sometimes multiple times.  Otherwise, though, there are other neighbors that I have NEVER seen outside in over two years now.  Yes, I know they come and go because I do notice cars in and out of driveways but I never see PEOPLE coming and going. … until last Thursday. Down at the bottom of the hill as I was coming back up my last three blocks

True Story©… Church of the Modern Day Goon Hand

       This is not a story about a church. This is not even a story about anything remotely religious.      Today, we will discuss the dangers of not minding one’s own business to the point of bringing violence upon one’s self.      Everyone has a breaking point, this is a fact that cannot be disputed.   There are, naturally, differences in how people react when they have been driven to that point of course.   Some people shell up and go silent, some people go to their safe space and cry their eyes out and others still will put hands on a motherfucker.   Today, we’re here to talk about that last one.      First, we need to discuss a moment from my early childhood…   The year is 1986…   Or perhaps 87…   Fuck, I don’t remember which.   I just know it was summer during my elementary years.   My pops was a brick mason and would sometimes travel with his boss for jobs.   This particular time it was to Virginia Beach and because it was summer, he took my brother and I with him. Rathe

True Story©... Trolling for entertainment

True Story©…                 Apparently, it has become a more obvious fact over the past 3.5ish years that I can be a bit of a nihilist.  I mean, like, MORE of a nihilist and somehow I am okay with that, like to the point where I have sharpened my ability to needle someone with the simplest of words without cursing or raising my voice, yet driving them to both. My favorite place to do this – as observed by my brother and cousins – is on the comment threads under a third involved party’s FaceBook post.  That third party usually knows me well enough to know when I am being serious, silly  or just fucking with someone.  The fun part is when they lay back and let it happen.                 Anyway, True Story© time… Scene 1: One day back in the winter, I was in an especially Trolly mood and logged into my favorite place to snare a victm.  I scrolled and happened upon the post of a long-time female friend of mine who happens to have nice mammary glands and pictures prove it.  Fr