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No, I am not referring to the police radio code indicating that you're crazy ... Today, right down to the minute that this post goes live, marks the anniversary of the event that, 730 days ago, began the change of my (and those of a few other people, it seems) life. I could explain it all over again, but I am sure that both of you read it already here . Not one to go on about details that have already laid out and easily located in a link just above this sentence, I will leave this post short and express my genuine thanks for the two years' memories that we have in the bank and all the lifestyle improvements that have come during the time. I will also continue to pray for the many more ahead of us. Now, if you would excuse me, I have 3 hours and 51 minutes of work remaining in this month and then we get to spend the next four days celebrating our two years and mapping out the many more. All donations to the fund can be provided under the "donate" link located on the

"Goin' in"... a conversation

Sometimes I get help with these from people I do not live with... "Today's question of the day comes from the homie Galen H. ... Is it ever wrong for a man to turn the tables on women and throw dirt that they (being the women) did in their face?" I would then wait patiently for the answers... The first would be from family friend/former coworker/possible cousin Derek, with... "You're wrong if you're using it as ammo. It's good to use as a point of reference." Next up would be the homie Joe, with... "Only if its called for. If some female is going in on you on shit you've done that she has no right to then all bets are off. Then again, I love getting the last word when I argue, so all bets are off anyways. Back on topic, if you just come out in a conversation that doesn't call for that shit, then you are in the wrong, and prepare for her to put her proverbial foot in your proverbial ass. Timing and context are everything I s

Blameshifting, redefined... -- an SMPF discussion

And when I say "redefined," I really just mean more of the same old shit... It seems I am getting more to discuss on the blog from my emails these days. I will take that to mean I am getting more in my email than images of questionable work-safety from the guys... Sometimes we even talk about grown man business. I will not out the person who asked this question due to the private nature (though I DO have permission to blog this) . The email, as it came in, was... "Ok fellas, I need the entire group on this one. This is one of those that should not be facebooked but is absolutely damned serious... and I'm still rather furious about this. Ok so I'm with the S/O this afternoon and while in the truck she just busts out of nowhere and asks me this question: 'So are you gay or on the DL?' I looked at her crazy and said 'What?' just so I can make sure I heard her right. So she repeats it! First thing that comes out of my mouth was 'How the HE

"Nurse Betty" -- an SMPF discussion

S.M.P.F. - S traight M ale P ride F oundation If a woman comes at a dude and expresses interest in him, why does she often behave like he OWES it to her to be reciprocally interested in her? Polling/discussing with some friends of mine, I presented a couple of situations to be described below and some questions to go along with it... Copy/paste from emails is as follows. **********email transmission will commence from here********** Scene(s) 1 - boy meets girl -- two different ones actually and both actually found him -- on the internets and has no romantical interest in whatsoever in either, just kinda chatting them up and such... Nothing said or done to them -- especially considering they were 3 and 5 hours away, respectively -- suggested that he was after them in that manner, but each expressed an interest in him at some point. Being that interest did not match theirs, he did not entertain either as if anything would come of it. Only fair, right? Well, as time progressed, abou

"No Ma'am!!!"... a conversation

Walking in the house last night, Katie had another suggestion for Question of the Day, as I think I am exhausting all of my (appropriate) ideas and she knows it. She presents the ideas, I think about them and adapt them for use as I can think to do so. I liked the one she gave me, so it comes out now as... “From Katie comes today’s Question of the Day… What, if anything, would you NOT accept as a gift from your significant other/a member of the opposite sex” Man, this is gonna be INTERESTING! First respondent was the homie Joe with an answer that I am SURE will either change everyone else in theirs or scare them off of answering, with… "Sex toys. Plain and simple. " [ Phlip note – being the owner of this blog, I enjoy that I get to be the last respondent to these, because that was NOT my answer, but damned if it ain’t part of it now… That being said, put a pin this one, it is coming up on the test] Recently resurfaced from a few years back friend Leander dropped

If 6 was 9

There was a time where one would never claim to be something unless they were damned ready to prove it. Instead, they would do it and let other people do the talking for them, for better or worse. The problem with talking yourself up was most often that you were never quite what you claimed to be. Telling people you can rap? Be prepared to freestyle with the black guys outside of the cafeteria on lunch. Telling people you can draw? Be prepared to draw someone a picture of SOMETHING soon. Telling people you can play ball? Be prepared for EVERYONE that heard you make that claim try to embarrass you – with WOMEN present! Telling folks you can fight? You’d best be prepared to get tried like a freak at a cut party. In my generation, words like “swagger” and “haters” didn’t exist out of simple necessity. Any person good enough to carry themselves confidently in it (swagger) just fucking did, there was no need to remind everyone that you did. In so much, instead of being jealous

"Can she use your comb?"... a conversation

Another curiosity item came into mind the other night as I sat home with The Katie on my 3-day weekend… It was one that I THOUGHT might spark some conversation among friends on The Book of Face – knowing that I know about a great many of them – so I figured I would cast a dragnet and see what shook. The question, as presented, was… “New idea for the question of the day, and no bull on this one, be really honest and please miss me with the passive aggressive nonsense… How would your family HONESTLY react if you brought home someone of a different race?” I had to add that little caveat to make sure to fight off the little nonsense I might have otherwise encountered and have come to expect from some of the people on my friends list. I suspect that it may have stopped some from answering. [ Phlip note – oh well, better luck next time, perhaps] First response was from my cousin Desmond, with… "Blood, I believe that my family will accept anyone I bring home. But sometimes, I am not eve

Hey, I see people enjoying themselves...

… so I’mma RUIN it!!! (As influenced by the FaceBook Statuses/Tweets of S. Booker and S. Stone ) It seems that some nice pink people down in Florida have decided that they – despite the obviousness that they have NEVER opened or read a Quran in their lives, will have a collection of like-minded pink people to join them in a good old-fashioned book burning . They do so under the guise that Islam is apparently a religion of hate and violence and all the standard banter they specialize on in the good old programming of Faux News these days. They would also have you believe that the Mosque Community Center being planned on top of/in desecration of Ground Zero is this big grand “ufck you!” to America and Christianity and nothing more or less… So, it seems that these people fail to understand the irony of touting ANY religion as “hateful” and “violent” when faced with a history that includes burning at the stakes, the crusades, slavery and God knows what else. These nice folks have volun

We can't be friends

First, the question was posed to me (and some others) from nice ladies over at The Witches Brew , as follows... "Do you feel comfortable being in a relationship with a woman who is friends with all of her exes? Would you worry that she's smashing them on business trips and the like?" My response was direct and honest... "No, not really... The problem with 'exes as friends' is that they seem more interested in being the 'dick in a glass jar,' and in such disrespect the relationship in how they often flatly state things like 'I'mma get you back' or something of the sort. If boundaries can be respected, then all is fine, but if a dude doesn't stay in his lane then he must go. Alone time is a strict HELL no. In the interest of fairness, I would expect the same in return as it relates to my female friends and exes/old jumpoffs. The past is the past for a reason, leave it back there." And I MEANT that shit too... Things being