No, I am not referring to the police radio code indicating that you're crazy...

Today, right down to the minute that this post goes live, marks the anniversary of the event that, 730 days ago, began the change of my (and those of a few other people, it seems) life.
I could explain it all over again, but I am sure that both of you read it already here.

Not one to go on about details that have already laid out and easily located in a link just above this sentence, I will leave this post short and express my genuine thanks for the two years' memories that we have in the bank and all the lifestyle improvements that have come during the time. I will also continue to pray for the many more ahead of us.

Now, if you would excuse me, I have 3 hours and 51 minutes of work remaining in this month and then we get to spend the next four days celebrating our two years and mapping out the many more.
All donations to the fund can be provided under the "donate" link located on the right -- delivered to my debit card via paypal -- and I will be immediately notified via mobile.


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