Hey, I see people enjoying themselves...

… so I’mma RUIN it!!!

(As influenced by the FaceBook Statuses/Tweets of S. Booker and S. Stone)

It seems that some nice pink people down in Florida have decided that they – despite the obviousness that they have NEVER opened or read a Quran in their lives, will have a collection of like-minded pink people to join them in a good old-fashioned book burning.
They do so under the guise that Islam is apparently a religion of hate and violence and all the standard banter they specialize on in the good old programming of Faux News these days. They would also have you believe that the Mosque Community Center being planned on top of/in desecration of Ground Zero is this big grand “ufck you!” to America and Christianity and nothing more or less…
So, it seems that these people fail to understand the irony of touting ANY religion as “hateful” and “violent” when faced with a history that includes burning at the stakes, the crusades, slavery and God knows what else. These nice folks have volunteered to the many many lemmings among them that Islam is all bad, as is ANYONE who practices it – thus making room for the necessity of a book burning.
And this made sense to someone at the time? Do these people realize that the settlers came to America SEEKING religious freedom and that what they're doing is in turn un-American?

[Phlip note - does ANYONE understand fucking irony here?!!?]

Damn, and I thought that some (<--- operative word, that, plese miss me with the ass-on-my-shoulders responses) Atheists were motherfucking kooks when it came to trying to chant down what someone else happens to believe!

Yes, I was raised in and still attend a Christian church, but I have NEVER been compelled to be a soul-saver, not in the very least… I am a “live and let die” type of person. I will be fine doing as I see fit, so long as I behave like a decent human being and will generally remain in my lane, and I will need for you do the same.

I was raised around people who are and have made good friends of people who happen to be Muslims, and that is not to say that I secretly hate their kind and need to make an excuse, I literally know people who were raised as Muslims and they’re still friends of mine despite that fact.
What my approach to the world has allowed of me can be described with a Venn Diagram I was sent last week by another good friend who HAPPENS to be Atheist…

What it seems to me, here, is that the vocal majority is using a VAST and very fringe minority of a group that they cannot be bothered to even try to understand enough to peacefully coexist with them.

My proposal is this...
If these heroes can burn Qurans in protest of something that they have never spent a MOMENT trying to objectively understand, for the sake of coexistence and not assimilation, then I can have a book burning of my own on Saturday...
Everyone email me in private and arrange to bring to me your copies of:

  • Oprah's "O" Magazine
  • Harry Potter Novels/Video
  • Twilight Novels/Video
  • Tyler Perry films/plays
Keep in mind, here, that -- save for one Tyler Perry movie and about 6 minutes of one of his godawful sitcoms -- I have and will never take in one MOMENT of any of the above-named. I will do all -- again save for Tyler Perry -- as reasoning to keep all serious opinion to myself, or nonxistent.
Keep in mind as well that I would not be doing this in the name of any supreme being, as I refuse to believe that any one that you or I believe in would instruct anyone as such.

It is most angering to me that there will be flames stoked of a third party here, comparing JUST the same, the actions of a fanatical fringe sect of one going hard and VERY vocally at the same of another. They will use that as their own reasoning why all religion is wrong, while ignoring the roughly 99% who can get along with the most of the world just fine.
Respect and decent humanity does not necessitate a religious involvement, nor does the presence or absence of one bear any mutual exclusivity. In other words, do what you feel you should to be a decent person, and allow others the same space.
[Phlip note - anything less is a total dick move]
With a little love, a LOT of respect and a TON of common fucking sense, we could all get along just fine if we all tried.

But there again, this whole situation serves to illustrate that if "sense" and "courtesy" were common, they would be the rule and not the exception. Then we wouldn't need to have these conversations.

*steps down from soapbox*


Anonymous said…
You didn't read Twilight?

Phlip said…
Sure didn't, Dan...
And I will do Twilight fans the favor of not having an opinion on it. Never interested me, and I was not willing to be swayed, so I have no forum to speak down on it.
That is the point of this little rant.

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