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True Story©… A Christmas Karen

  Okay, so Christmas is in a couple of days here… WHILE we’re bawls deep in Christmas season and selectively filled with Christmas spirit in our second pandemic Christmas, life has to continue moving along as well. In the course of “life moving along,” I find myself in Wal Mart more than any sane human being should ever comfortably be tasked with going to.   One of the benefits of my move is that I am no longer three blocks from a Neighborhood Market and now live less than a mile from a Supercenter. So Monday afternoon on my lunch break, I ran down to grab a few things.   My trip, as far as my own items, was largely uneventful, but as I was leaving self-checkout on the way to the truck, I heard some kind of ruckus coming from the Customer Service Desk and decided to be nosey. Lady Customer: “What do you mean you don’t know!?” CSR: “I mean, I can’t check the stock from up here, you’ll have to ask in Electronics.” Lady Customer: “Well can’t you, like, CALL them for me?” CSR:

True Story©… Boomerang

       Imagine being a creative being who spends an exorbitant amount of time in your own way while trying to create…      For those keeping score at home, back in 2017 I attempted to make a movie.   I was wrong as shit, using little people labor and never explaining to them what it was I was up to in the moment.   In my own bit of karmic comeuppance, I saw the whole thing literally go up in smoke and almost cost me my whole damned shirt in the process… …   almost… Small (pun totally intended) details in the background saved my ass legally and civilly.      But in the real-real world, I was still found.   Three years ago next week, I was located by one of the involved little parties and accosted for ideas for an “out.”   Just my fucking luck, I know. I cooked up a quick scheme to get him out of his (and my) own way and all is well, right? RIGHT?!!?      Wrong™! often joked about the FBI agent across the street from my house in the woods.   I no longer live a

True Story©… Ding Dong--… BITCH!!!

       Welcome back…   We present all new from a new address that a couple of you have visited and gotten fitshaced drunk with me.   The other 5 weeks of my residence have been spent re-learning this as “home” and working to pay the bills in this place.      We closed on 10/20 and 10/22 (dateS plural, you know only if you’re connected to both me and wife person on the BookFace) . In the weeks since, I have been painting, heavy lifting, shutting the fuck up working hard at being the best daddy I can be to Ava in spite of the efforts of my ex wife a woman I had a wedding with one time.      What also transpired in these intervening weeks was our anniversary (11/09) and the now-biannual Thanksgiving beach trip,   I might explain that the Biannual trip used to not have a prefix, but I didn’t have a married-into family who was alive and active until I married an actual wife in 2018.      For the past few years, we lived in a house I’d bought in 2009…   It was the only home that my d