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RIP Gil Scott-Heron

Warning… This post will come off as a bit upset, a bit off-base and an increasing level of intoxicated with each such element growing the longer it takes me to write… Last night, somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:40ish (yes, that is 2 “approximate” descriptors in one sentence), I arrived to the building deeded to me. Alcohol in the fridge, Chinese takeout on my fiancée’s plate and I am sitting down at my computer, my usual first spot I stake out in my house… Zo! posts the status that says… “Gil Scott-Heron, an extraordinary talent and HUGE influence and inspiration to many of us creatively. Rest in peace... ” … man… you’ve GOT to be kidding me… Beyond that, though? Dude, the Lakers swept a couple weeks ago? My air conditioning not working right? My job apparently hates me? NONE OF THAT mattered now. The response I could muster was… “this news just ruined my night” Then I took up my mobile communications device to retweet/tell people, all in my continued shock from the news

Se Acabo

What a run it was, ¿que no? It’s been said that when your inevitable demise is met by universal cheer, you were either REALLY good at what they wanted to be or were a really bad person. I guess sports, as an arena in general is funny like that. One minute they hate you and the next they love you, sometimes stopping in-between to not bother with differentiating what or why they love or hate, just following what other people say is the proper response. Growing up in NC, where college basketball is God and deep-seated passive-aggressive racism his only son, Jesus , I see it daily in the form of individuals who cheer for or against Duke and UNC. Seeing it first hand is the number one way to become intimately acquainted with the very motives of the “anyone but…” -type fan. Of course, I am talking about the Lakers’ embarrassing loss yesterday to a team that, if history indicates ANYTHING, will inevitably choke and let their fans down… I’d left my house at the end of the second quarter, as