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True Story©… "Missed" Connections

       Sometimes a “missed” connection is not actually one that was worth maintaining. I fully remember most of the people I went to high school with, and have maintained constant contact with the ones I choose to in the 23 years since.  Even before social media became a thing.  There are some, however, that I decided even then that I would never speak to once I set foot off of campus.  Those are the ones I’ve seen at football games when outside was still open, at the grocery store or Wal Mart here and there and will resort to wily tactical maneuvers to avoid being seen. But there is a neutral middle ground as well. That middle ground is basically not the people I might have referred to as “friends,” but surely aren’t the ones who made my life difficult. Somewhere between the former and latter in the above-named, are the people who clearly peaked RIGHT there in accomplishment and maturity.  Sadly, some of those individuals are living the ol’ AL Bundy “four touchdowns in one game