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The wayback landed me in 92...

Yep, 1992... Age 12 for the first half, 13 the next... This year will take me through the second half of 7th grade, through those weird days of early puberty where nothing was quite right, nor would it have been anyway, then still on to 8th grade for the second half. As I write these, I come to realize that I don't think I had much of a childhood, what with having to take on more responsibilities than some of my peers, what with my parents' situation and changing schools and yaddayaddayadda... It actually serves to reason that I am so addicted to music now because it was a constant that I was not able to attain in home life. Anyway, it is now 1992 and I am here to talk about this years hip hop releases... January Lord Finesse came with "Return of the Funky Man," but not before DJ Quik very necessarily opened the year on New Years Day with "Way 2 Fonky." February The Fu Schnickens gave us "FU Take it Personal," an album I WANT to like, what with p