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The wayback machine...

The year? That would be 1996... I will carry this from the beginning of the year until the end, so this will include the second half of Junior year in high school and the first half of Senior year. The year started slowly, with the first hip hop release being Kris Kross' third album "Young, Rich and Dangerous," which thankfully ushered them out of the consciousness of those among the 4 million plus of us who actually BOUGHT "Totally Krossed Out" just 4 years prior. That was January . February (a word in which the R is not silent in) only saw the release of 2 hip hop albums, one of which was not all the way hip hop -- Tupac's Death Row debut and game-changer "All Eyez on Me" and The Fugees' "The Score," both CLASSIC albums, ironically released on the same day. I was not a 'pac Stan like so many people in my high school were, so it would be months later before I would let myself buy his album, but I had The Fugees quickfast, I stil