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True Story©… And That’s The way…

  [ Phlip Note : this is a collaborative effort, cowritten by Mr. Ssippi ] Nobody:   Me: “Shouldn't the Brady Bunch DAUGHTERS have another last name other than Brady?”   We came to this conclusion through extensive research that Carol made Mike adopt all three kids.   It worked out well as she had poisoned her daughters against their biological father and wanted to make sure that she and the girls had new surnames to make it difficult to find them. She'd run from the very concept of that flawed man she had married and left behind in a former life with no intention of revisiting.   Mike Brady had a small inkling of what Carol and the girls had endured before their blended family came together, but he never got all the details. He didn't want to put Carol through the torture of rehashing those years for the benefit of his curiosity.   He was from the old school, where trauma was best left undiscussed and in the past. The erstwhile untold truth was that she killed he

True Story©… Trap Gawd

       Fun fact: Jeopardy has been a favorite television activity of mine since I was in middle school.  I have ATTEMPTED to take the quiz several times in my adult life, but have sadly only come close to making it on television thus far. “Almost,” you ask?      I have never told anyone this, but one time I actually made it through the test – back in the pre-“anytime test” dark ages. The thing with trying to get on Jeopardy is that it is a multi-part operation before you ever make it onto television.  The first step, as hinted at above, is to take a randomized trivia test.  This is to test your knowledge before you find yourself on television looking like Tyrone.       After the testing comes the tryouts, wherein prospective contestants are interviewed and assessed for television readiness.  Next, you’re presented with clues to be sure you’re comfortable with the formatting and pacing of a game.  This is not in a test game format — we’ll get to that in a minute – these are more to