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True Story©… Let Them Talk

       People talk too damn much… I should say that I ALSO talk too much as well, but since no one listens to me anyway, my talk is of the “to myself” type, for the most part.      As much as I talk to myself , I listen better than some people might give me credit for.   I may not REACT well, but I am receiving what is being said while I am in earshot. Another funny thing is that people have observed that I also don’t REPEAT what was said while I was in earshot, so I am often loaded down with other people’s blathering about others.   I’m holding secrets for people I don’t even know that I will either die with or sit in my rocking recliner and babble to the dogs when I am seventy, no in between.      It could – no, SHOULD – be said that the most important person I am holding secrets for is myself.   I mean, I sit and listen to people talking about details of other peoples’ lives, why in the hell would I ever divulge factual information that would assuredly become the center of one