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True Story©... The (Mis-)Adventures of Yachty McYachtFace

  “Aye, whatchu got going on next weekend?” That is probably one of the most dangerously vague questions one can ask an individual like me.   The answer will depend PURELY on the remainder of information I am yet to have been provided. I’mma play along, though… “Nothin’ much…   Pinching pennies since we’re a single-and-a-quarter income household during the summer months when Wife Person™ doesn’t do summer school.”      There…   That should tell the person asking me that if they expect anything social to be taking place, that it had better dammit be free or they expect to pay for it.   Makes sense, right? “Well check, you think you can get away for a minute?   I am being invited to this lil timeshare presentation.   They gon’ put me up and feed me while there and say I can bring one guest with me.   I figured you might wanna get away for a weekend if shit is all paid for.   She can ask my wife, SHE can’t come with because her aunt is in town.” [ Phlip note : something told me