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True Story©… Am-Knees-Ya

       I have not changed the address on my license since 2008, when we moved down from the far end of the county back into the city.   I have thought about it, but the need for Real ID requires that I set foot inside the DMV to do it.   Furthermore, my (retired) mom still lives at the address that is on my license so the emergency situations that might arise from someone showing up to that address are not hindered by the fact that I have not lived there since July of 2009. Besides, I am there at least three days a week or so anyway in case any mail comes.      Recently, my simply not making the change worked to my advantage… As a few of you know, I am in what is among the best physical shape I have been in in my adult life.   Back before election time, I had taken up hitting open gym and playing basketball with some people young enough to be my kids.   Stylistic difference in how they play against how we grew up playing aside, everything went quite well and except for a cramp that

True Story© Play Ball!

     My city has a minor league baseball team… Wait, hold that whole thought. Y’all know I fucking hate baseball, right? Nevermind, I have spent enough time on my relationship with America’s former pastime.      Anyway, my city has a AA (or maybe AAA, IDK) baseball team.   As much as I dislike baseball as a sport – as in the television entertainment value is lacking HARD – my daughter enjoys going to the games, even though she needs me to explain the goings-on in the games.   She enjoys the atmosphere, the fact that there is a playground and that my employer comps me tickets to games and I invariably pick the Fireworks Fridays games.   Toss a couple of beers into the mix and I can make my way through nine innings.      One time last summer, though, this shit got SUPER lit. Another thing my city has a lot of is young “gang” members ( Phlip note : quotations for ridicule, not for emphasis) To be totally honest, even a tiny baseball park that doesn’t exactly se