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The Tables Have Turned!!!

No longer is it enough to ignore unsolicited contact, I'm at the point in my life where I will exchange banter with these spam types for at least long enough to turn the tables... I'm minding my business on the couch with the wife when I am rudely interrupted...  Wife: "g'head, play along" With those words from thine mouth... ... I know how this game starts, finishes and follows through.  A man who swings first stands a better chance of the other party not swinging back.  See?  I've already broken the algorithm!  Boom!  Not today, Russia...   ( Phlip note : we weren't putting any damn clothes back on and were already in bed) Shit...  I could have asked for bobs and vegana.

True Story©... The Big payoff pt XI

     For 241 years of American history, it would be a mark of honor to be specifically mentioned by the President of the United States in most capacities. Beginning on November 9, 2016 the dynamic changed to the point where being mentioned by the president was a miss-or-hit affair.  “Don’t you mean ‘hit-or-miss’?,” I hear you asking.  Trust me, when this motherfucker talks about anything, it is soon going to hell.      So now I am no longer a dude who tried to rob Santa for all the world’s gifts and got a undepletable bag of coal for my troubles, I am now a thug with a shotgun who threatens members of the media.      In the past ten months, I have been… -    Roped into a domestic (illegal) sale of coal… -    … parlayed that into sales into other industries… -    … parlayed THAT into even bigger profits and made a ton of money; more than enough to last me a lifetime if invested properly… -    … got greedy right about the time the international market wanted to p