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LeBron, enjoy that vacation

Why does it feel like we've been here before? Wait, it is more than likely because we have . My last posts on basketball (2 links, that) were rife with concern that Cleveland SHOULD be a problem for anyone they meet. In so many words, I had conceded to the inevitability of this being their championship season. Man, am I EVER glad I was wrong. Look, I know it seems like I am hating on the boy, and to that I will admit, fuck it. What bothers me not is the amount of times he gives, through his actions, REASONS to be hated on. No one remembers how he reacted to being blown off the court in his first finals, as no one expected them to be there, even themselves so their sweep was not even a small surprise. We ALL remember his walking off of the court without even congratulating his "friend" Dwight Howard, then offering the excuse... “It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that...If somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them,” James said. “It doesn’t

(15) The 'New' Season Begins

This is what we're all after now... Okay, we have finally separated the wheat from the chaff and the NBA regular season has drawn to a close. Teams who did not stand a chance can spend the next 8 weeks thinking about what they will do in the NBA draft, and 2 following that making moves for the free agency boom that will see LeBron keeping his ass in Cleveland. [ Phlip note - I been saying it for 2 years now, and I will eat the proverbial crow if it doesn't happen] We can now speak of the things that one should at the end of a season, awards and playoffs and such. **Post Season Awards** I was wrong about Rookie of the Year, but I was not expecting The Clippers to be so unlucky as to have the kid Blake Griffin go down without playing a single game. As it were, and as a watcher of basketball, DeJuan Blair SHOULD win it, but Tyreke Evans or Brandon Jennings will win it, I am thinking Evans personally. Defensive player of the year is a no-brainer. Dwight Howard leads the league in

My Last Basketball Post Until October

Yes, lady and gentleman, we're at the end of the NBA season and the Lakers have made me an honest enthusiast... Let me start this all off by saying I will spare you the cliche video of Queen's "We Are The Champions," as I am sure that the rest of Blogger, Wordpress, various forums and websites the world over are rife with it. I enjoy that the boys were able to tie shit together on the way to delivering a conclusion that was foregone. Yes, let us not forget who was said to be in the "up" position to take the title this year back at the beginning of the year. Yes, an injury to Andrew Bynum (again -- ugh -- and this time while he was playing well) had this year looking scarily like last year, and none of us wanted to see THAT shit again. Then some shit happened... The foregone conclusion changed hands, Kevin Garnett got hurt and The LeBrons laid waste to an otherwise weak eastern conference, and THEY were the unchallenged juggernaut. For 2 rounds of the playoff

NBA Finals

Go Lakers!!! Yes, I have been a fan for all of my 29 years, 11 months, 4 days, 13 hours and 11 minutes (as of when I type this) -- yes, your man is turning 30 in about 3 weeks, not that I am counting or anything... Yes, I know the ups and downs of being a Lakers' fan, so I am banking on them totally fucking off one of the games, likely game 2, and Orlando straight up GETTING one off of them. Lakers in 6 though, Phil Jackson is the best coach in the playoffs, and especially the finals for a reason... Kobe came out in a different brand of "kill" last night, in which he scores 40 without trying hard, only shoots like 8 free throws, gets EVERYONE involved at both ends of the floor and wins by 25. That was a trouncing, lady and gentleman. I am NOT snowed by the blowout, though. It is a hard lesson that comes from being a Lakers' fan. What this is, considering that Stan Van Ron Jeremy is not a slouch in that coaching box for someone with no playing experience in the league

I am a witness...

LMAO!!! Narrated by Michael Wilbon: Now watch this one... In the sporting world, from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, you are taught to be gracious -- even in defeat... At the end of a blowout loss that signals the begin of his vacation, LeBron leaves the court AS the final horn sounds. That's a bitch move, LeBron!

NBA Playoffs

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a basketball FANATIC. I can watch pro ball at anytime, so long as I am sober enough to comprehend and awake enough to be cognizant. Yes, I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, and I would STILL be a fan of the Lakers if Kobe Bean Bryant left the team tomorrow... I can fully respect the body of LeBron James' work this season, but I have been preaching to all that would listen that he just was not "there" yet, and by "there" I mean "where they actually BEAT someone who is 'somebody'." More on that in a while, I promise... At the beginning of the season, we were all instilled with "King James" and "I am a witness" and all that extra shit about LeBron James, he was installed as the 2008/09 league MVP before the FIRST jump ball was thrown in the air on October 28th, 2008. I commend LeBron for keeping the pedal to the floor and enjoying a soft schedule for the duration of the regular season to le