NBA Finals

Go Lakers!!!

Yes, I have been a fan for all of my 29 years, 11 months, 4 days, 13 hours and 11 minutes (as of when I type this) -- yes, your man is turning 30 in about 3 weeks, not that I am counting or anything...

Yes, I know the ups and downs of being a Lakers' fan, so I am banking on them totally fucking off one of the games, likely game 2, and Orlando straight up GETTING one off of them. Lakers in 6 though, Phil Jackson is the best coach in the playoffs, and especially the finals for a reason...
Kobe came out in a different brand of "kill" last night, in which he scores 40 without trying hard, only shoots like 8 free throws, gets EVERYONE involved at both ends of the floor and wins by 25. That was a trouncing, lady and gentleman. I am NOT snowed by the blowout, though. It is a hard lesson that comes from being a Lakers' fan. What this is, considering that Stan Van Ron Jeremy is not a slouch in that coaching box for someone with no playing experience in the league, is proof and forum for adjustment. He will learn that those who live and die by the jumpshot DIE by it FAR more often than they live by it. Adjust, adapt, accept the game you'll be gifted, take the one your going to take, then be simply beaten by superior personnel, which LA does have.
No more of these games will go down by 25 fucking points though, from either team.

There, it is published, if I am wrong, it is here for me to eat crow, anyone reading can feel free to screen cap this NOW, June 5 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!!!) in case some shit pops off.


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