Rev. Wright - "I still matter"

Wright says 'Jews' keeping him from Obama

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It seems as if the man who, from the sidelines, proved to be one of the most damning associations that the now-president had leading up to the election has his little feelings hurt because apparently Barack MEANT the shit when cutting ties with him in order to move on to bigger and better things.

So now, after Obama TRIED to let him down nicely last March by repudiating the shit that Wright had been saying and distancing himself -- as any clear thinking adult would see they SHOULD -- the Right Rev. Wright turned up the heat and went on the television talking to anyone who would listen to him continuing his dumbass agendas. It looked more and more like Obama would become president and that he, in a case of necessary attrition, would become a speck in the rear view mirror.
Election night came and went and Jeremiah Wright ceased to matter to anyone anymore. Black people and Obama supporters had nothing for him as a result of his failed attempts -- be they on purpose or simply happenstance resulting from his own unwillingness to shut the fuck up -- to see to it that Obama NOT get elected. Conservative America was deeply programmed to hate him for having said "God Damn America," and also for his failure to stem the election of Obama. His story was no longer useful to anyone in the media, his 15 minutes were up.

Until now.

Now he is blaming "Them Jews," futher stellar support in any argument against his being Anti-Semitic should he be fashioning one, for his inabilty to score a conversation with the president.

That is motherfucking laughable.

How is it that reporters can get through Secret Service to ask the president who will win the NBA Finals, how is it that the president can make a special trip to Bristol Connecticut to PERSONALLY fill out brackets for the NCAA tournament, not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of contacts he is to make on a daily (hell, hourly) basis? Is it so hard to understand that someone would not WANT to talk to the individual who damn near fucked off their goals for their own personal gains? Is he not capable of exercising a little personal culpability?

Apparently not.

Someone buy this man a mirror and a fucking clue.
It's been said that when you play in shit long enough that you're bound to get a little bit on you. I can't imagine why ANYONE would want to talk to Rev. Wright these days.


autri said…
dude, i always blame the jews.
Phlip said…
You're of terrorist descent, we've discussed this before... It is only natural for you to blame the jews.
RedEvil said…

I guess Obama talking to him isn't a kosher idea lol

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