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True Story©… The Mystery of Soapboxin’

       Have shenanigans, will travel… It is spring break and since my daughter is with me and not the woman I had a wedding with once her mother, my wife and I make a point of doing things with her and my great niece, so I took the week off like they got so I am not the only asshole in the house telling everyone to pipe down because I am working and they are not.      Back when outside was open, a thing to do was go and park downtown and walk around.   While there one could eat good, people watch, score drinks and/or dessert.   I have even seen people find their forever mate and/or religion. Speaking of “religion,” you could count on the Hebrew Israelites standing in front of the Civil Rights Museum and SCREAMING at white people (and not-black-enough black people) as they walked by just trying to get a taco on the next block.   Before ‘Rona, Ava used to get her done hair across the street from this amazing spectacle, so sometimes I had to park RIGHT in front of it when picking he