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I am a witness...

LMAO!!! Narrated by Michael Wilbon: Now watch this one... In the sporting world, from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, you are taught to be gracious -- even in defeat... At the end of a blowout loss that signals the begin of his vacation, LeBron leaves the court AS the final horn sounds. That's a bitch move, LeBron!

Subject none specified...

This weekend has been a bit of an odd one... Had some business to handle on Friday downtown Greensboro, which took me til about 11:53am, according to my call logs on the phone... I then took the steps about collecting more supplies for Katie's cookout at my house next weekend. Passed Jason, who will be painting my car, and we had a quick talk about when that will take place, but this blog ain't about that. Once I was done with that trip, it was 3something, I was dog tired and decided that I would not be leaving the house again for the day. I made a liar of myself when I found that there was nothing in the house to fucking eat (Friday was payday), and I needed food to take in the Lakers' win Friday night. More on THAT 2 blogs ago. Lakers win in the bag, I was fast asleep in this uncomfortable fucking fullsize behind my left shoulder here, plans to wake up and put Addie -- the little white bitch -- out, shower and head out to the LEGO Store's grand opening in Raleigh, le


These are quite frankly the funniest damned series of commercials I have seen in years. 1 - "Chalk" 2 - "Three Rings" 3 - "Unstoppable" 4 - "Mrs Lewis" 5 - "Lil' Dez" 6 - "Car Jump"

NBA Playoffs

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a basketball FANATIC. I can watch pro ball at anytime, so long as I am sober enough to comprehend and awake enough to be cognizant. Yes, I am a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, and I would STILL be a fan of the Lakers if Kobe Bean Bryant left the team tomorrow... I can fully respect the body of LeBron James' work this season, but I have been preaching to all that would listen that he just was not "there" yet, and by "there" I mean "where they actually BEAT someone who is 'somebody'." More on that in a while, I promise... At the beginning of the season, we were all instilled with "King James" and "I am a witness" and all that extra shit about LeBron James, he was installed as the 2008/09 league MVP before the FIRST jump ball was thrown in the air on October 28th, 2008. I commend LeBron for keeping the pedal to the floor and enjoying a soft schedule for the duration of the regular season to

Photos of...

... random shit that don't fuckin' GO together. Here, we have Domo Kun, Grouchy Smurf, a Goombah and a 12oz of Yuengling. ... and 2 pairs Adidas, one (shoe, not pair) Puma, one Nike as well, for those keeping score at home. One hour, 38 minutes til game time

The Questions

At what point do people stop counting their childrens' age in months and start telling us how old the fucking child is? "how old is your daughter?" "oh, she's 43 months" BITCH, SHE'S THREE!!! Why the fuck didn't your ugly-ass mom use birth control? Why do people have such a hard time respecting other peoples' right to not give a fuck? F'rinstance, someone injures themselves, or are otherwise in some kind of agony as a result of their own designs... Now you have to listen to them go on and on and fucking on about how sore they are, how badly injured they've become or whatever. Please, just shut the fuck up and get through it. What self-respecting barber expecting to take in new business would still give someone a flattop in 2009? Yes, I saw one Monday, and no I did not take a picture because I would have had to kick his ass for photographing the tragedy that was his haircut. Why the fuck don't your kids have to play out

Morning/afternoon errands

Ran to Wal Mart to get a few items, which became an afternoon flea market run. I turned up a few goodies for not much money. Ford Thunderbird: 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS454: (yes, another) Shelby Cobra 427 S/C: 1972 Datsun 240Z: ... yes, I am a fucking addict.

Got a package yesterday

I seem to be getting a BUNCH of shit these days, but nevermind that... I'd been waiting on these to come in for purchase through one of the vendors on our forum , but alas, they had been out of stock and on backorder for several months now. Once my money started coming in, a chunk of which dedicated to the car, I reached out to 3 of them with active sales and one who I just knew would be able to anyway. No luck. Apparently, they were all tied up in some bullshit about the brand-naming rights, though all the companies were apparently selling the SAME shit. My ONLY option was ebay, which I was not too keen on, knowing the (perceived and observed -- hit or miss) quality of parts acquired through that medium. Kevin put my fears to rest when he explained that ALL of them -- even the "good" ones were the same ones, made by the same company and branded as whatever they were to be sold as, even the ebay ones. Thanks Kev, now I can go forward with my order... $129.99 from my Pay

1998 - Best year for hip hop ever?

Dude, LOOK at 1998 in hip hop: January 13: The Lox - "Money, Power & Respect" February 25: Scarface - "My Homies" March 19: DMX - "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot" March 24: Cappadonna - "The Pillage" Hussein Fatal - "In the Line of Fire" (who? One of 2Pac's Outlawz, decent album no less) M.O.P. - "First Family For Life" March 31: Gangstarr - "Moment of Truth" April 7: Goodie Mob - "Still Standing" AZ - "Pieces of a Man" April 28: Big Pun - "Capital Punishment" May 5: Various - "Lyricist's Lounge vol. 1" (the kickoff to a STELLAR line of compilations, I still listen to this today) June 2: Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz - "Make it Reign" June 9: Juvenile - "400 Degreez" June 16: Devin - "The Dude" (yes, his original rap name was just "Devin," but this album caused the second part to be assumed) June 30: Def S

Why the fuck is this news?

Dijon Derangement Syndrome: Conservative media attack Obama for burger order (yes, that is a link) President Obama goes and orders hamburger... Apparently, the man knows dick about ordering a burger at a counter, because he asks for it "medium well," but a few years at Harvard and as a Senator will learn that habit out of you, not knocking him. Here's the rap, though... These motherfuckers are taking him to task because he requested that he didn't get ketchup on it, but instead requested spicy mustard? Because of this, everyone on the anti-Obama bandwagon now calls him everything from unamerican to uppity, basically anything but a child of God BECAUSE HE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK HE WANTS ON A HAMBURGER?!!? I know now that I will be in deep shit when I become president (hah, as if), seeing as how I... Don't eat beef, so would not be eating a "hamburger," the conversation would be on a turkey -- or maybe even salmon -- burger. Given how and what I do eat, c

"Operation kill Whitey" -- entry 1

I am pretty sure that among my 5-7 readers, 3 of them know that my 240SX is white and it has been in the plans to paint it ever since Frankie offered to sell it to me in June of 2004... Well, given circumstances surrounding changing employers early on, blown head gasket, and a me-being-cautious clutch replacement, not to mention other little things that have taken her off the road for as few as a week or two and as long as several months at a time, I am finally preparing to go in for paint within the next couple weeks... While I was in Atlanta (no real pictures of the proceedings, weather was shitty and we didn't do a whole lot in places where pictures would have come out), my tax moneys came in and moms deposited the checks for me while I was on the way home that Monday. On the way home from the A, I texted back and forth with my buddy Jason, who will be painting the car for me in the booth he has converted his garage to about which paint kit to get and all that goodness. Immedia

Supporting a just cause

... that will be quite all...

I got MORE Ferraris

I had to MAKE myself do this... See, I had the money no problem, but I DETEST the color red, especially on cars, so this was hard. I sucked it up and did it for the collection: Ferrari F40: Ferrari 575 GTZ Zagato: Ferrari 125 S: They had 2 more there, but I had gotten them last night in different colors due to my aversion to the color red in general... These will be going into storage as SOON as I get them home and then never thought of again.

I got a Ferrari!!!

3, in fact! Enzo Ferrari: Ferrari 250 GT California: Ferrari Mondial 8:

Working with my hands -- 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06

But wait, I ain't done! (hey, the Hobby Lobby nearest my job opened last week and has a Grand Opening sale going) 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06: Assess box contents: Wheels on (yes, I chose black): Really simple, interior sits in body, body on frame and 7 screws, game over: And back in the box: I will need to grab a display case for this one soon, as this box does not house it securely, but I like it.

Working with my hands -- 1987 Chevrolet Caprice

Don't judge me, I actually owned a box Caprice once... Back to the task at hand, we were talking about a 1987 Chevy Caprice: Survey the contents of the packaging: Engine and door panels installed: One-piece front seat, nothing more: Black or chrome, black or chrome?: Let's go with black, mount some tires on them and load them up with brakes: Put the exhaust on: Slide the body on the frame and take pics: Now GET BACK IN THAT BOX!!!: Also, make note that this one is slammed and on what appear to be equivalent to 20" wheels, not raised and cooned up on 28". If I was to get another Caprice, this would be close to what it is, only not this color.

Weekend additions

Up at insane hour, ran through pictures taken from the weekend's acquisitions... Good ol' fashioned 4-fer this time, for the weekend... BMW M6 Convertible: 1958 Chevy Impala: And now, I will work with my hands... 1969 Dodge Charger R/T Let us see what we're up against: Engine and interior installed: Fun fact about that engine, it is not any carbureted V-8 that SHOULD appear in a car like this, rather a Fuel-Injected V-10, like in a VIper. Interesting. Cockpit installed: Sit the frame down on it and twist a couple screws: Chose the brushed wheels instead of the chrome, and we were all done: Now get back in that box!!! Lamborghini Murcielago: What are we up against, here: Doors and dash on: Interior together...: ... and installed: Decision time: ... I'm gonna go with the chrome. And like that, we're all done: Get back in that box!!!