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This weekend has been a bit of an odd one... Had some business to handle on Friday downtown Greensboro, which took me til about 11:53am, according to my call logs on the phone... I then took the steps about collecting more supplies for Katie's cookout at my house next weekend. Passed Jason, who will be painting my car, and we had a quick talk about when that will take place, but this blog ain't about that.

Once I was done with that trip, it was 3something, I was dog tired and decided that I would not be leaving the house again for the day. I made a liar of myself when I found that there was nothing in the house to fucking eat (Friday was payday), and I needed food to take in the Lakers' win Friday night. More on THAT 2 blogs ago.
Lakers win in the bag, I was fast asleep in this uncomfortable fucking fullsize behind my left shoulder here, plans to wake up and put Addie -- the little white bitch -- out, shower and head out to the LEGO Store's grand opening in Raleigh, leaving my house so as to get to the store about 9:30-9:45ish.
Thank you, Google Maps Mobile for horsefucking me and taking me the long way across Durham on 70 instead of around it on 40, and being non-specific about distances, you caused me another 15-20 minutes on my trip, so I walked into the mall AT 10am... There was to be a Grand Opening door prize for the first 300 people to spend $35.00 or more, a LEGO Lighthouse. I conceded that I would not be getting that motherfucking Lighthouse with the number of people in the line ahead of me. Only problem, though, is that I felt like a fucking idiot for BRINGING my iPod, but having left the motherfucker in the car. Know what that means? Riiiight, it means I had to stand in that MURDEROUSLY long line and actually be captive audience to the bullshittery of the scourge of fucking humanity...
I will not specifically go into the things I noticed so as to avoid a race riot on my blog pages, but...
*Brown People vs. Pink People*

That child in that picture was old enough to speak in full sentences, climb in (or on, as it were) and off of that fucking stroller as and when the fuck ever she felt like it. I will estimate her aghe at 4 and a half to 5 years... Her younger sister -- standing next to her -- was about a year younger and also too large to be in that fucking stroller.
They would take turns in the stroller, but after a couple of "shifts" they began to fight over who gets to sit down, there mother completely and totally unable to control the fight because neither could hear her trying to explain that they were supposed to be sharing the stroller that neither one of them needed in the first fucking place.
White Jesus, could you PLEASE teleport my iPod from the car to my pocket?
Infortunately, the iPod port was not to be, and I would spend 2 hours in line waiting to get IN the store, only managed to want to drop about 50 bucks in the store, but the crown jewel was that I GOT the Lighthouse, which means they had more than 300 of them to give, it HAD to be, since there at least 100 in line before me to check out when I was IN the store.
The jewel of the day -- which will be funniest to Zilvia members who can actually remember the shit -- would be the Chewbacca keychain:

From there, I would go back to the house, 1.5 hours later than I originally intended to be getting there, grabbed supplies and went to the Carolina Nissans cookout/meetup, and Chad made some GOOD ass chicken breasts. Had to ride with Pat to meet someone who got confruse by the detour in the I-40/85 traffic and direct them back to the park.
... I now hope Pat dies tomorrow in a tire fire, and if I say in these pages what happened on that trip that only took us 9 miles round trip, my girlfriend would PROBABLY be the one to construct and light that tire fire, and she is reading this, so no mention further.

See how boring my life is when I don't take pictures of the shit I do, or do anything that requires extensive details? See, there was more to it all, including a couple of dogs, the guy who sold me my car and yaddayaddayadda, but I neglected to notice the camera in my pocket...

*After that*
I went home and showered again, since I would be seeing my woman and interacting with humans, after standing in one line for 2 fucking hours, then another one for a while longer to pay for toys.
Then I went to Katie's and we were off to eat downtown Greensboro at The Mellow Mushroom with my best friend in the universe, Roger and his interest, Veronica.

Katie: "Ooh look!"

I immediately snapped a photo and sent it to Joe, as he is obsessed with these things where I am merely interested... I do kinda want one.
Paint is WONDERFUL on it.

Once on the inside, Roger and Veronica got the "Caesar! Caesar!" shown:

... which is an odd presentation, since this pizza must be white-sauced, and cheesed, THEN baked, then a fucking Caesar Salad attached to the top of the damned thing.
You have to eat it with a knife and fork... I know because I was offered and accepted a slice.

Katie and I kept it simple, we had the Buffalo Chicken, and since I do not indulge in the swine, I begged them to omit the bacon:

... I got the large because I was paying for the damned thing and know my tendencies to need a snack later in the night sometimes... Too bad I fucked that one up by leaving the rest of it at Katie's place. S'all good, live and learn, I guess.
We all commenced to Center City Park and opined on the colored children (yes, "colored" as in ALL minorities, not just black kids) playing in the fountains that have signs clearly telling people to keep the fuck out of. There was a homeless guy on a bench about 20-30ft from us who threw up, then moved to a curb about 10 more feet away, making room for some chick to yammer away on her fucking cell phone for the remaining hour we were there, still was when we left. In the meantime, some of the colored children wound up kind of frolicking in the homeless guy's vomit.
Disgusting? Hell yeah.
True? Abso-fucking-lutely!
Did I have my camera with me? Unfortunately, it was in MY car at Katie's, and the phone I was using isn't so great for that. After our long and totally unserious conversations, we commenced to Cheesecakes By Alex, where we'd have cheesecake and more convo for a half hour or so more, then commence to our respective locations for a recharge...
Caught the 4th quarter of the LeBrons fucking up their series, then Katie and I went to bed.

*And now it is Sunday*
Left Katie's and went to the house long enough to put Addie out and clean her cage, then decided that I wanted breakfast but NOT that I wanted to cook it... Went to IHOP, but the lot was packed... Called Roger and we went to Golden Corral, which fell at a time RIGHT between breakfast and lunch, so this was a very good buffet.

Back at the house, washed my ass, and Katie and I would be back out about 2something...
Nothing majorly fun to my readers for this one, more or less us having adventures where we ride around and enjoy the beautimous Central-NC countryside. We went to big lots because she needed something and of course my filthy mind veers off into the innuendousness found on the snacks aisle.

If I have to explain why any of this is potentially funny, you might be a virgin... Please immediately leave the computer and go get some...

I am gonna have another beer and call it a night sometime soon.


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