"Operation kill Whitey" -- entry 1

I am pretty sure that among my 5-7 readers, 3 of them know that my 240SX is white and it has been in the plans to paint it ever since Frankie offered to sell it to me in June of 2004... Well, given circumstances surrounding changing employers early on, blown head gasket, and a me-being-cautious clutch replacement, not to mention other little things that have taken her off the road for as few as a week or two and as long as several months at a time, I am finally preparing to go in for paint within the next couple weeks...

While I was in Atlanta (no real pictures of the proceedings, weather was shitty and we didn't do a whole lot in places where pictures would have come out), my tax moneys came in and moms deposited the checks for me while I was on the way home that Monday. On the way home from the A, I texted back and forth with my buddy Jason, who will be painting the car for me in the booth he has converted his garage to about which paint kit to get and all that goodness. Immediately upon arrival to the house -- and before Katie got off work -- I placed my order for the "Slow Gallon" kit from TCP Global in Midnight Blue Pearl (more details on that in the next entry of the "Kill Whitey" series - those of you who know and try to blow my spot will not see your comment approved). $169.95 plus expensive-ass shipping, considering the package would weigh 17.5 pounds and require HazMat handling for a total of $203.change shipped. Not bad at all, no? I didn't think so either.

Now, on to the title of this whole exchange...
"Operation Kill Whitey" was coined by Jason, the (caucasian) fellow who will actually be painting the car. It was a rather funny joke that he just kinda dropped when we were shooting the shit at a drift practice one day last year. For those who might have forgotten their retard helmets and chin straps, it is simply an ironic reference to the fact that the car is currently white and will not be anymore when the exchange is done, simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less.

As I understand it, Russ (who approximately zero of you reading this probably know) has a car in the booth first, as I had been waiting on my tax money for MONTHS before it finally came and he got a spot before me, then I will drop the coupe off at Jason's to be painted. That will be feed into entry two of "Operation Kill Whitey," which will include the just before and the just after pictures, and entry 3 will be when Brandon and I commence to somewhere in the city with his expensive-ass camera and lenses for a proper shoot...


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