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Originally posted this one on MySpace back in February, when it happened, evidenced by the timestamps on the pictures...

Here's the story... Every year, the Greensboro News & Record, our
local newspaper, has a showcase for new automobiles... Every year, my
best friend Roger and I make a point of going. Since Roger has become
my favorite 5 year-old's "other" uncle, Nicholas was to tag along. Once
the plan was made, a friend from Knoxville needed to crash my couch on
the way to somewhere else in the state. Given that he didn't need to be
anywhere until the afternoon, he was fully co-opted into the

Everything about the day was generally rather mundane, even though the
weather was glorious for today. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then to
the auto show, where we would take pics of what interested us, I had
plenty of space on the memory card.

Rather than kill you to death with description of it all, I will present it to you via photographs...

Lexus IS-C:

... Buddy approves...

Allow me to preface this next one with my initial reaction to actually seeing it, which was met with "OH MY GOD!!!"
which was followed by me mounting the car, much to the amazement of the
salesepeople watching it to make sure no one got into it, then the
manical sound of "unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf, unf,
unf, unf, unf..." then
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" After this exchange, the thought in my head was best committed via photograph:

... I will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming...

Nissan GTR:

... Buddy approves...

Nissan 370Z:

Nissan Cube:

... Buddy approves...

Infiniti G37S:

Lexus IS-F (let the record show that I MIGHT have had one of those
moments similar to the GTR with this had I not seen it first):

Then Buddy found a scooter someone made in his honor, apparently someone knew he was coming:

Strange occurrence, there were some old cars at a "new" car show:

... rumor has it that this one was presented to Barack and Michelle,
but she shot the idea down when it couldn't be fitted with a 6" lift
kit and 28" chrome wheels.

Harley Davidson booth:

New Ford Mustang; I kinda dig it:

Brabus-Kitted Smart car:

15" front, 17" rear wheels, that is odd...

The "Mad Max" of motor scooters:

Top speed of 89 MPH, I would ABSOLUTELY wheel this thing on the daily.

And now, for the part of the show we were all waiting for...

... funny thing about this image is that ONE of the individuals
actually needs that cane that Nicholas is holding... Unfortunately,
though, Nick talked the enormous white dude into believing that he was
being allowed to use the cane, and demanded it back... I am STILL
trying to figure out what he said to get Scream to give him that damned

On the whole, the show was not as good as it has been
in the past. The country's current economic situation saw it that
General Motors, BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Subaru,
Honda/Acura, and Hyundai/Kia were not represented in this year's show.
There are some products from a couple of those manufacturers that I
would have loved to get a closer look at. In such, this show only took
up one side of the Special Events Center. We were out of the show in
about an hour and a half, maybe 2 hours, after collecting all the
promotional materials and free shit that we could glean from these
people, I even got more than one Nissan beach ball and a couple

I might be inclined to be pissed off if it'd cost me more than 7 bucks
and/or my buddy didn't enjoy HIMSELF. He was even given a goodie bag
with a couple of little 1:64 cars in it from the local country station,
apparently co-sponsoring it.
This field trip would ALSO bring to my attention that he is also apparently addicted to closing car doors, seeing as how he climbed in and through all the cars he was able to, exiting, closing, reopening, and going to another door whenever possible. Times like that make me pissed that I don't remember shit about being 5 years old.

... with that, my 5 readers, we were all done.


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