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True Story© Who Can I Trust?

Do you have a Work BFF? You know that person at work who, while they may not be your literal best friend, are the one you are most likely to shoot the shit with and shares your disdain for most other people in the office.  You might not even kick it with this person outside of the 8-5, but for that time in the office they are your buddy. I don’t currently have one of these.  I am in a group of people in a small department that talk too damn much for me to want to establish this kind of communication with.  What I do have is a wildly entertaining dance of observing who talks to whom and assessing how I can use that to my amusement every chance I get. I guess that makes me my own Work BFF. When I first came to my current department, two people already knew me and one knew of me (one more person has been added since, with no turnover) .  Knowing what I knew of the two who already knew me, I knew that it’d be in my best interest to say nothing more than necessary to