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True Story ©… Do What You Do

       I like to think I am non-stop… Despite not having really left my home for any real amount of time but twice in what is now six months, I still find myself doing things like visiting with my family and what have you. I say that to say that encountering these humanoids is inevitable from time to time.      On the way home from one of my two excursions, and as SOON as I arrived back in my own county, some asshole on the highway probably fucking with his phone, swerved and cut me off, I had to brake and he basically kept pace with me so as to not have to look at my face as I passed by. Now usually road rage is to be showered by the person who has been wronged, not the dude swerving all over the road trying to record a TikTok video.   I speed up, he speeds up to stay just far enough ahead to prevent me from getting by.   I try to change lanes to prepare to exit the highway, he continues his weird game of not having to ever actually face me… … then he had to get off on the same

True Story© Psycho Therapy

Indecision is my problem… I am often at a job and TOTALLY detesting what I am doing while being completely unsure of what it is I would RATHER be doing. [ Note: writing…  I would rather be writing and if you have been around since September 1st you know that]      Anyway, fuck these intro bars, let’s get right to work. One day last spring, I hit a fit of boredom and perused the craigslist want ads to see if there was the magic bullet of an employment opportunity there for me.  There was not.  What there WAS, however, was an abundance of people offering services for which they should PROBABLY be licensed and at the same time probably were not appropriately so. I had a plan.      I know a lot of people in need of professional help, and by “professional help,” I mean they need to see a fucking therapist.  What stands between this most times is most people are afraid to face their fears of their own reality, and the reality they fear most is that 99.98% of human be

True Story©... Please heed the warnings

True Story©…                 Sometimes I operate opposite of my apparent plan to see the world burn and try to warn people that they’re about to do something SUPER stupid.  Unfortunately, 98.772% of the time, these attempts fall on deaf ears and people wind up failing anyway. You see it all the time on FaceBook…                 “I just won $700 on a scratchoff”                 “I’m pregnant”                 “I’m gay”                 “I think I am in love with someone”                 “I still love my ex”                 “If you’re in High Point and have $15, you can come get this pussy”                 “I’m moving to Mongolia for a new job!”                 “I caught my husband cheating, someone come help me get rid of this body” …  and this is where I find it in myself to get involved.                 Someone on my timeline posted that last one.  Well, someone on my timeline posted one of EACH of these (except the $15 one, that is an inside joke), but I figured