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True Story©… Fountain of Prosperity

  "Get in, scrub...  we're going for a ride!"      Wife Person™ and myself, we fashion ourselves as foodies, of some sort…   Whenever a new spot opens anywhere within about an hour radius of this here house of ours, we entertain the thought of field tripping to partake if the cuisine is interesting to us and offers enough non-beef/pork options for me.   So much so that our acquaintances will often ask us if we have tried some obscure spot in the middle of some small town 45 minutes away.      That brings us here today…   Her cousin asked us if we had tried this new black-owned spot out at the other end of the county, really in an inconvenient spot honestly, but the food is apparently A-1 so onto the radar it went.   We picked lunch on a Saturday two months ago, so as to have time to try out the menu at “lunch portion” sizes to minimize cost and not be saddled with a table full of foods that we may not like. Long story short?   We LOVED it!   The overall atmosphere was

True Story©… Credit Repair

       If I could use these powers for good, I am not all the way sure I ever actually would… Wait, put a pin in that.   It will come back up on the final exam.        My city has spent the last few years basically criminalizing homelessness.   The able cannot feed them of their own free will unless they have an organization or church allowed to do so.   They themselves cannot have signs specifically requesting money when standing on the corners and the most insidious is that they have to go downtown and get a PERMIT to stand on the corners with the signs! More recently, there have been signs going up on signs in medians that there is to be no standing there.   This was presented as a necessity to keep traffic safely and unobstructedly moving.      In that last point, I saw an opportunity… The “opportunity,” as it were, involved a newly minted lack of competition for eyeball equity on the corners where drivers become a captive audience. WHAT?!!? Thank you for asking.