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True Story©… Time to Valen

       Life is funny… Everyone – including my own wife – knows I could give a dry fuck about Valentine’s Day.   Not even to bore you to tears with the norm of ultra-wokeness about pagan holidays, not needing one day out the year to show love or whatever else people sell themselves as “reasons” to not be into it.   I mean, I don’t mind going out to dinner or to whatever level of the world outside of my house that is open during these cold cold Rona days.   I just don’t like the concept of having to deal with crowds and people to do so, and that has been the case since long before Rona made it cool to assault people for getting too fucking close to you.      After my previous attempt to offer dating advice, then documenting it , I would think that no one would contact me for shit on the subject ever again. I mean that would make for a reasonable populace, no?   Well if anything about the past 11 months and especially the last three have taught us, it is that there is no such a damn

The Tables Have Turned!!!

No longer is it enough to ignore unsolicited contact, I'm at the point in my life where I will exchange banter with these spam types for at least long enough to turn the tables... I'm minding my business on the couch with the wife when I am rudely interrupted...  Wife: "g'head, play along" With those words from thine mouth... ... I know how this game starts, finishes and follows through.  A man who swings first stands a better chance of the other party not swinging back.  See?  I've already broken the algorithm!  Boom!  Not today, Russia...   ( Phlip note : we weren't putting any damn clothes back on and were already in bed) Shit...  I could have asked for bobs and vegana.