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True Story© Tech Support for the World At Large

Until my fortunes change, I am an IT specialist by day, a writer when time allows, and murderous supervillain by night . Sometimes I lose sight of which “job” I am on and do some supervillain shit when I need to be earning a paycheck. F’rinstance, there was last week at work… Monday: Nurse:  “Let me start off, sir, by saying that I am totally computer illiterate, but I need your help. This printer is not working and I don’t know what to do.” Me : “Have you rebooted the computer and the printer?” Nurse:  “I think so.” Me:  “You’ve checked physical connections and supplies, right?” Nurse:  “No, but I can right now.” *checks* “Everything seems to be fine on that front” Me:  “Well ma’am, have you taken off your shirt before cursing at the device while flinging poo at it?” Nurse:  “I can’t imagine that would fix this issue.” Me:  “Sure it would lady, I do this every day. I am the professional here and you called me for help.” Nurse:  “But there’s client