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Back on the Wayback - landed in 1990

You all know the deal, same as I did with 1998 , 1996 , 1997 , 1999 and 1991 before this... Here we are, I am ages 10 and 11, finishing 5th grade the first half of the year and starting the 6th in the second half... Nothing spectacular about the setup. CD's didn't exist to me, even if they did on the other side of town. I still spent LOOOOONG nights up in the bedroom listening to the radio with a 90-minute cassette tape on pause to capture my favorite songs on. I rushed home from the bus to catch the video shows while I did (or didn't) do my homework before my mean-ass sister came home and bogarted the television to watch whatever bullshit she was going to watch. You both know how this works, I will get down to business now... January ... looks like this will be a slow start February - the month without the silent R ... definite slow start! March Kid N Play dropped "Kid N Play's Funhouse" and Hammer put out "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em"