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Black Panther; Everything I Expected

     If you sat around all weekend saying “what’s the big deal?” or drawing Straw Man arguments about Blade, Spawn, Catwoman (lmao) , or whatever other black comic superhero you could pull out of your ass then you either just don’t get it or were a huge part of the problem in general. Black Panther was everything! The images were beautiful, the costumes were wonderful (and apparently contained coded messages themselves), the casting was par excellence, and the action was beyond engrossing.      But see the above-displayed image I cribbed from a buddy’s FB with her permission… Black boys got to see people who looked like them as warriors and strong royal family members.  Black girls got to see themselves represented as an even STRONGER group of warriors and not harlots.  The young lady above took her daughter to the movie and the first thing she said was “look mommy, they have hair like mine!”  Representation is SUPER important, the power of seeing yourself in something po

Hotep Heroes Series... Black Panther

     I called it back in October, when I put out the call to ABSOLUTELY protect Chadwick Boseman at all costs. [ link ] The upcoming movie Black Panther is an event to us.  It is finally the chance to see Black Excellence in cinema.  Yes, we last visited the idea of Black Excellence with October’s Marshall, but comparative attention should be paid here.  As of when I type this sentence, Marshall has cleared only $10.1 domestic, not even covering the cost of production, while Black Panther broke Fandango’s advance ticket sales record the day they went on sale.      So back to it…  Black Excellence.  Portrayal of someone who looks like us as royalty.  Royalty to be admired, royalty of unimaginable wealth, physical ability, intelligence and respect.  Compare this to the slaves, dope fiends, coons, criminals and philanderers “they” love to bankroll for us usually.  Black Excellence.  The enthusiasm is palpable, people who don’t even CARE about comic book movies are talking ab


     I am not joking, I mean this shit. This man has played Jackie Robinson in 2013’s 42 .  He played James Brown in 2014’s Get on Up .  Fuck, he was one of seven Black people who got real camera time in 2016’s Gods of Egypt and just might be the only one who was actually allowed to play an actual god! Further, we have seen him make more Black people care about comic book movies with his portrayal as T’Challa/Black Panther in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and in the upcoming eponymous Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War movies.      I thought of this post on Saturday when one of my wives my lady took me to see Marshall in the movies.  The trailer for Black Panther played before the movie and this naturally made it more obvious (to me, at least) that with the above-listed movies an even MORESO after watching and LOVING Marshall (for real, y’all go pay money to see this) , Chadwick Boseman is fast entering Hotep Hero status and is worthy of the best protecti