Hotep Heroes Series... Black Panther

     I called it back in October, when I put out the call to ABSOLUTELY protect Chadwick Boseman at all costs.

The upcoming movie Black Panther is an event to us.  It is finally the chance to see Black Excellence in cinema.  Yes, we last visited the idea of Black Excellence with October’s Marshall, but comparative attention should be paid here.  As of when I type this sentence, Marshall has cleared only $10.1 domestic, not even covering the cost of production, while Black Panther broke Fandango’s advance ticket sales record the day they went on sale.

     So back to it…  Black Excellence.  Portrayal of someone who looks like us as royalty.  Royalty to be admired, royalty of unimaginable wealth, physical ability, intelligence and respect.  Compare this to the slaves, dope fiends, coons, criminals and philanderers “they” love to bankroll for us usually.  Black Excellence.  The enthusiasm is palpable, people who don’t even CARE about comic book movies are talking about it.  People who DO care about comic book movies are talking about it.  People who would normally stay their asses home and bootleg it on Covenant are putting their money where their mouth is.  People are gathering Black Panther livery and planning GROUP excursions to the movies to take this event in.

     Lack of support is what frequently damns “Black” things.  It seems that all that has been missing was something worth getting behind.  Show the collective “us” something to aspire to – suspension of disbelief, of course – and dammit we will show up.  A legit superhero who is not only one of our own, but is richer and apparently more influential than any of the others?  Sign me up!

     This will NOT be our last post about Black Panther.  Presale tickets and half day off of work have been acquired for this one.


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