Hotep Luv... I've Finally Found Her

     We think we’ve finally found her…
By “we,” I mean my wives and I as a collective.
See here:

A woman so virtuous that she knows that acts performed on a man without the express intent of adding – or at least ATTEMPTING – to a strong Black family with strong black babies is time wasted.
Everything about her so virtuous, she is even about the life of making sure that a queen knows that she should be in the kitchen preparing for the continued health of her King, Princes/Princesses and Co-Queens.  Suffice it to say, we Hotep-Love this woman.  So much that we made the decision to keep her identity hidden so as to have her all to ourselves.

     A coon, apparently not with the movement, asked her about her stance on a man pleasing a woman.  She had an answer for that too.
     “Happy wives, happy lives” they always say, right?

Anyway.  We decided as a trio to slide into her inbox and are patiently waiting on her response.  We would love the chance to bring her into the compound and get her down with the cause and will report back to you all with what shakes whenever it does.


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