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The Process...

     I’m spaced out in the car. I’m sitting in front of the coffee table, hands on my chin staring into nothingness. I am in the middle of a workout mumbling to myself. I randomly chuckle while I am in the shower. I take the long way home or circle the block one or five more times.      “Babe, what’s wrong?” my wife asks.  Every time, I tell her nothing is wrong, I’m just thinking.  When she (inevitably) asks “about what?” I can only shift my eyes and shake my head.  She is beginning to get it.      This is my creative process.  By the time I put my fingers to the keyboard, my map is already drawn and my hands are already driven to what must be done.  I have thought it through, I have planned where I want to go and how I will get there.  My mind is an EVER active place.  While this usually manifests itself in a cavalcade of memes on my FB timeline or in a weird dance of nervous energy that manifests in me doing, fixing or cleaning something in the house (we will talk