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True Story©… ‘Tis the Season

       I am beginning to feel like I am running low on options… My face is known in the community after my previous attempt at shaking things up using people’s short-sightedness for details. Detective Woodpenis is onto me and I can’t use the Moe Phillips name as a shield for criminal enterprise, lest he will perk up and show his face back at my house. I need something new to do,   here y’all!      For those among us who don’t follow me on The BookFace, you’re aware that I have re-created myself as a fitness douche of sorts sharing details of my workouts every weekday.   It started last summer in the form of my walks on my lunch break.   This summer, I have upped the game with longer walks and doing them at 5am while still throwing in a lunchtime one as well. This matters to the presentation due to where I live and what kind of people are outside between 5 and 7 in the morning.   There are people getting on and off of the bus going to first shift jobs or coming home from thir