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True Story©... Prison Outreach

       I’ll be honest, life has been difficult and assuredly less fun since having to abandon the Moe Phillips name… Imagine YEARS of using a contrived identity with which to complete the tasks of various entertaining endeavors, legality bedamned, and just having to throw them all out the window because of a detective with a funny name .      As we recall, I previously had set about the task of rehabilitating the Moe Phillips name by using him as a vigilante to exact justice for those who could not extract it in legal manners.   The issue, apparently, is that vigilante justice is still a crime in itself. [ Phlip note : then how the fuck is Batman not arrested?   I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA, PEOPLE!!! ]      Short on options to allow me to continue to use the Moe Phillips name and all the street cred I have earned it through the last few years without Detective Woodpenis up my ass – no pun intended – I’mma have to smarten up for a while. Planning for long vacation and needing t

True Story©... Trading War Stories

     I have learned that while people SAY that they want a better life than they previously had, they really only want to have a better life than others.  Selfish as this may be, it just is what it is.  To be honest, I used to be like that.  I found that karma and whatever else you believe in would begin to catch up with me and that the desire simply not to come in last was not enough. Now, I want EVERYONE to be as great as possible, even if that means some people will be better than me.  I think that is a part of leaving the world a better place than you found it.      I have personally tended to shirk the concept of “seek help” or “see a therapist,” I have literally monstered through every one of these fucked up situations that have presented themselves in my life.  I might or might not be a mess as a result of it, to be honest. But I try to do the right thing.  In situations where there might not be a “do” as far as right things go, I do or say what I feel might fix the s