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True Story©... Flat Earthing

     As you can see, this Tweet was from two months ago.  I waited patiently to see if anyone could provide me the answers I could then use to form my opinion. Sadly, they apparently all thought I was just here to ridicule them so no one bothered responding.      Not terribly dissimilar to someone who has been sucked into and winning an online debate, I was left to have to do my own research. Here’s what I found…      Not only is NASA lying to us about the real shape of Earth, they are fabricating CGI images of EVERY other celestial body in order to continue to sell the ruse.  What I found on my quest is that these posts are long on ALL CAPS RANTS and quite short on proof of the things contained in said rants.      My belief that Earth is flat, then will require a smattering of faith some twisting of the Bible’s wording, and successfully cocooning myself around people who also believe that the world is flat.  The model that most interested me