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In the Kitchen with Phlip -- Chicken/Feta Meatballs

            I advise that this will be another of one of my short ones of these.  It was seriously just that simple to construct and do… Simplicity is not without cost, though.  Let’s start with a cast of characters: (Ground chicken, chicken sausage, chipotle Panko breadcrumbs, Feta cheese, and ranch dressing mix.   In observance of my granddaddy’s birthday last weekend, I am opting for brown eggs this week.   That is $17 in supplies and I have not even gotten to the sauces yet.) Before doing anything, put the chicken sausage through your mini-chopper and chop it up as completely and finely as possible.   There is not a picture of this step in the process because it really is that simple and a mini chopper can be had for less than $10 at Wal Mart so you should already have one. Now for the easy part, EVERYBODY IN THE POOL!!! (Yes, simple as that.   Put everything in the mixing bowl, add a couple dashes of hot sauce of your choosing and (an option I visited) Wor